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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flamenco - Raoul Martinez And His Orchestra

Guajira Flamenca
Raoul Martinez And His Orchestra
Produced by Dave Pell
Tops/Mayfair 9678S

This colorful Tops package came in at least these two variations, the second sample above featured a jacket cut-out so that you could see a portion of the enclosed disc. The vinyl color, in this case, is dark amber which is better viewed by holding the record up to a light source. The yellow record came inside of the solid jacket.

From the back cover: Augmenting the spirit of Raoul Martinez's cuadro flamenco is world famed maestro of the guitar, Laurindo Almeida, who here contributes two original compositions, Malaguena and Serenata Espanola, both reflecting the fluency of their author.

Espana Cani
Flamenco Andaluz
Noches Malaguenas
Fiesta Trianera
El Relicario
Recuerdos De Huelva
Guajira Flemenca
Serenata Espanola
Ecos Del Rocio

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  1. I have to give a round of applause for the staff of Tops/Mayfair that made this record, it sounds so lifelike that it sounds like you are in the room with the performers!


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