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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bongos - Los Admiradores

Unchained Melody
Los Admiradores
Command Records RS 809 SD

Here we have another Command record with a cool cover by Charles E Murphy who set the tone for cover design in the late 50s and early 60s for percussion and light pop album covers.

Los Admiradores was a studio band. Members include: Willie Rodriguez, Don Lamon, Tony Mottola, Bob Haggart, Ted Sommers, Stanley Webb and Artie Marotti.

The nice thing about this record is rather than going over the top with the bongos, Enoch Light decided to go with the "soft side" of percussion. I think the understated use of the bongo gimmick kept the recording from becoming annoying.

Fun space age stuff!


  1. Such a treasure from our friends at Command!!!

  2. Flex Grant used the version of Tenderly from this album as his sign off for his "Album Sound" show on WMAL-AM 630 in Washington D.C. (Remember when AM radio played JAZZ) .

  3. Thanks. Yes, in Cincinnati (actually on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River). We had an AM jazz station housed in three large "fuel" containers that were fixed together and floating in the river. I can not recall the call letters.


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