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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Magic Islands

Sweet Leilani
The Magic Islands
Alfred Newman and his Orchestra with the Ken Darby Singers
DL 79048

I can't pin point the date of this project. Decca invested a lot of money into the album jacket. I suspect Decca decided that is was time cash in on the "Tiki" craze (which began in the late 50s) with a big splashy project.

The jacket is a gate fold with a die-cut. The die-cut is through the white cover, the rectangle shape around the model's head. This is very expensive to do. There are a number of full color spreads on the inside of the gate fold with bleed. Also expensive. A very elaborate press job.

The music, by Alfred Newman is all at once, exotica, easy listening and soundtrack. Newman is known for scoring numbers of well known soundtracks. The music has that nice melting otherworldly exotica flavor, but the vocals weight the record down and seem "old fashion" or as if they were lifted from a soundtrack. Possibly the creators thought Denny's work was too weird and they hoped to appeal to a more conservative market? Hard to say. This is only my opinion, but the LP would have been wonderful without the lyric treatments.

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