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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Predominant Percussion

Song Of India
Predominant Percussion
Percussion All Stars
Crown Records CST 216

This could be the only Crown LP that I've found on red wax. The album sports a graphic cover design influenced by a trend started by Enoch Light/Command. In fact, Light also started the percussion trend which many labels tried to cash in on.

This album mixes exotica standards, Light's "light pop & ping pong" approach and a touch of cool jazz to create a competent percussion set.

Band member include: Maxwell Davis, Buddy Collette, Jewel Grant, Ned Flory, Richie Kamuka, Bill Perkins, Conti Candoli, Pete Candoli, Ray Linn, Frank Rosolino, Harry Betts, Dick Nash, Larry Bunker, Gene Estes, Frank Flynn, Pete Jolly, Kess, Bill Pitman, Al Viola, Red Callender, Curtis Counce, Mel Lewis, Irving Cottler, Milt Holand and Johnny Cyr

If you check out the links above, you will find that the band was made up of excellent, if not heavy weight, musicians.

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  1. That is quite beautiful! AND on red vinyl, making it even more Exotic! NICE score!


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